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Hollywood Nation: Celebs Talk Slimdown Solutions

YouTube goes live and celebs to speak out in the Hollywood — yeah. It’s government shutdown has everyone talking this week and the stars are no exception. You can take congress’ health care away. If they don’t settle and not just their salary because they can they have money but threaten those older guys. It’s — getting credibly dysfunctional family. I — at the end of Thanksgiving dinner they all come together and figured out. Parents got a sneak peek at the second installment of the — trilogy with the world wide trailer release of the Hobbits. The desolation of smog the film hits theaters December 13. YouTube has announced its first ever music awards in some big — — have already signed up. Jason Schwartzman will host and Lady Gaga Eminem and Arcade Fire perform the light streaming event — November 3. And American Idol judge Keith — has put his money where his mouth it. Donating all of the royalties from — song for you to the navy seal foundation. Urban presented a 300000. Dollar check.

Hollywood, Hitler and Harvard | The Nation

It makes the book seem more reckless than it might be. Urwand also makes a mistake historians are supposed to avoid: instead of exploring the historical context around his central characters, he judges them by what we subsequently learned. Yes, the studio heads failed to see that the Holocaust was coming. But as Doherty has written, in the 1930s the Nazis had not yet become what they are now: a universal emblem for absolute evil. From our perspective, the rise of Nazism looks like a linear trajectory, a series of accelerating events terminating inevitably at the gates of Auschwitz. But at the time, the endgame of Nazism was not so clear. Most Americans, including the Hollywood moguls, had no inkling of the horrors to come. Theres a deeper issue for some of the critics. People like Denby object to the book in part because it comes close to arguing that the Jews who ran Hollywood were so greedy they would cooperate with Hitler himself, selling out their own people to make money. Its an age-old anti-Semitic trope. Urwand, perhaps anticipating this theme, emphasizes his status as the child of Jewish refugees from anti-Semitism. At his website he describes himself as the son of Jewish immigrants: his father was forced to leave Cairo, Egypt in 1956, and his mother fled Budapest, Hungary the same year. He also says that, as an undergrad at the University of Sydney, he won the prize for best history thesis for his work on Steven Spielberg and Schindlers List. The book does have at least two significant supporters. Harvard published the book with quotes on the back cover from Greil Marcus and Richard J. Evans. Marcus has written many well-known and much-admired books on American popular culture, including one on the film The Manchurian Candidate.

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